CTRL-T does not work in Firefox sometimes

Many of us might have faced the issue that, while running flex applications ctrl-t does not work in Firefox sometimes. That is because, when current page displayed has a flash frame and the frame is selected, ctrl-t is not passed to the browser from the frame so ctrl-T don’t work.

Having any solution or workaround for this, please do leave a comment.

Happy Browsing…:-)


17 thoughts on “CTRL-T does not work in Firefox sometimes

  1. I also have faced this problem. If this happens I just go to “File” and press “New Tab”

  2. It may not be a bug,, but it sure is a frustrating “Feature”……..
    If i have to move my hand and use mouse, then I might as well click on the “open a new tab” button……..

  3. if you can capture the iostream from the irq channel the keyboard is on you should be able to write a script with the “ctrl+t” key combination as its trigger which will assess the success of the command attempt and if not successful simulate the keystrokes of the nav path for the dropdown menu command that is the alternative to the keyboard shortcut. i write stuff like this in other apps that are not browsers so there has to be a programmatic solution that can be applied to firefox specifically. thoughts?

    -oracle/sap app implementer

  4. You’ve got to be kidding? “This is not exactly a bug?” How do you define “bug?” What mystifies me is that these highly paid programmers didn’t take the software through it’s paces before releasing it. Possibly because the board is pushing it to release before the fiscal quarter, but before it’s time.

  5. Unfortunately, in my experience at least, if control + T doesn’t work then Alt + F + T will not work either.

  6. Paritosh Bisi are you serious? This is the main reason for not using firefox. Why not just put it as a setting then?

  7. If anyone know how to use only and only ctrl+t for new tab in firefox, please answer!
    When I open some .pdf and focus on some text on “web page” and if i use ctrl+t I get stupid “Summarize Options”. Alt+f+t works, but that’s just stupid… Thanks in advance!
    ctrl+t=new tab in firefox only!!! 🙂

  8. “Uninstall the Ask toolbar and it should work again. There is a compatibility issue with the Ask toolbar and Firefox that prevents new tabs from being opened. ” Straight from the firefox forums and yes it does work

  9. Yes, confirmed!!

    any of the extensions installed change this internal option: CTRL + T

    I`ve desinstalled some unused of them, and all is fine now.

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